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Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phones

Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 supersedes the Inmarsat iSatPhone Pro. Boasting a stylish design, stronger signal strength, better battery life and certified to work at temperatures ranging from -4 ºf to 131 ºf (-20 ºc to 55 ºc), this is a tough phone for a tough world.

iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Features

A reliable and robust phone, the Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 has many new features to enhance your experience. One of the most remarkable features is the impressive battery life. This gives you peace of mind that your phone will survive for up to 160 hours (standby time) without the need to charge.

This powerful, dependable satellite phone provides high voice quality, voicemail and supports text and email messaging. With built in location services including GPS capability for tracking and assistance alert features you can be reassured that people will be able to keep up to date with your location.

The Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 has a large high visibility, scratch resistant display and larger keypad buttons meaning it is easy to use in bright sunlight and cold conditions (buttons can be pressed when wearing gloves), it also features bluetooth for hands free calling.

How the iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Works

The Inmarsat IsatPhone 2 uses Inmarsat I-4 satellites that receive digital signals, reform the pulses, and then retransmit them to ground stations. There are three Inmarsat I-4 satellites providing global coverage: Each satellite covers up to one-third of the Earth’s surface. The only parts of the earth not covered is the North and South pole.

iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Airtime Options

As with most satellite phones, the Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 comes with two choices for airtime. You can chose either a pay monthly subscription or pre-paid airtime vouchers. Prices for pay monthly subscriptions start from £30.00 a month including VAT with a sign-up fee of £18.00 (this package would give you 10 minutes of voice or data coverage). The biggest pay monthly package available is £42.00 a month with a £18.00 initial sign-up fee (with this package you receive 60 minutes of voice or data coverage).

Pre-paid vouchers can be purchased for as little as £18.00 including VAT for for 25 units of airtime, up to the region of £700 (incl VAT) for 1000 units of airtime. The vouchers all have different validity periods which increases the bigger the voucher is. If your satellite phone is for emergency purposes only, then the Inmarsat prepaid airtime vouchers presents the lowest cost for keeping your satellite phone running.

iSatPhone 2 Satellite Phone Quick Specs

Length: 169mm
Width: 52mm without antenna / 75mm with antenna
Depth: 29mm
Battery life: Up to 8 hours talk time and up to 160 hours standby time

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The Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 is a great choice for those who need to stay connected in the most extreme and remote locations in the world. The airtime choices give you the flexibility you need to be able to use the phone exactly as you want and its rugged design and dependable connectivity provide peace of mind during your journey.

Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Price Comparison

Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite PhoneAshburySatCom.Co.Uk525 Excl VAT23 Mar '17
Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Excl VAT23 Mar '17
Inmarsat iSatPhone 2 Satellite Excl VAT23 Mar '17

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