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When the Thuraya XT was first launched it boasted the industry’s highest criteria for splash resistance, dust and shock resistance. The Thuraya XT satellite phones comes in 3 variants called Thuraya XT, Thuraya XT Dual and XT Lite respectively.

The major difference being that the XT Lite is a basic stripped down version without data capabilities where as the XT Dual can accommodate both a Thuraya satellite SIM card as well as an ordinary cellular SIM card – however not simultaneously – instead, the user needs to swap SIM cards as and when needed.

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Features

The Thuraya XT satellite phones feature built-in apps such as an address book, alarm, calculator, calendar, speed dial, and stopwatch. A very handy feature that sets the Thuraya satellite phones apart from the rest is GPS waypoint navigation. Thuraya XT users can save waypoints along their travels and navigate back to them if needs be.

Thuraya XT satellite phones are fitted with a glare resistant display which enables you to view the screen in direct sunlight and a brightness sensor for the display to help preserve the battery life. It can be configured to 12 different languages making it suitable for a wide linguistic demographic.

How the Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Works

The Thuraya satellite network provides coverage to more than 110 countries across a third of the world’s surface. Notably, the Americas, the Atlantic and Southern Africa is not covered. The Thuraya network consists of 3 satellite in Geo-stationary orbits that can handle up to 13,750 simultaneous voice calls each.

The 60kbps data connection that is supported on the Thuraya XT and XT Dual is the best available on any handheld satellite phone. It is easy to set up and at 5 units per megabyte of data it doesn’t cost the earth either.

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Airtime Options

Thuraya offers a range of pay as you go and monthly contract price packages to meet a diverse range of mobile voice and data communications requirements. Generally speaking Thuraya airtime isn’t the cheapest in the industry, however the Thuraya Eco (or Nova as it is called nowadays) SIM card offers reduced call rates in over a couple of dozen countries across the Thuraya coverage area.

There are various prepaid airtime vouchers available for Thuraya satellite phones, such as 50, 80 and 160 units. Call charges then depends on which SIM card the airtime is loaded to. On Nova SIM cards the call rates are 1 unit per minute to landlines worldwide, versus 1.49 unit per minute on ‘standard’ Thuraya SIM cards.

Thuraya prepaid airtime expiry terms and renewal fees are also different based on the SIM card used. If you have a ‘standard’ SIM card there is a 50 unit annual ‘renewal’ fee that gets deducted from your airtime balance. With the ‘Eco’ or ‘Nova’ SIM card there is a 10 unit annual ‘renewal’ fee that gets deducted from your airtime balance.

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Quick Specs

Weight: 193g
Length: 128mm
Width: 53mm
Depth: 26.5
Battery life: Up to 6 hours talk time and 80 hours standby time

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The Thuraya XT satellite phones has a wide appeal to those who live or travel inside the Thuraya coverage area. The Thuraya XT Dual carves a further niche inside that market for those who do not want to carry 2 phones with them, whereas the XT Lite presents an attractive price point for the low-cost market segment.

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Price Comparison

Thuraya XT Lite Satellite PhoneAshburySatCom.Co.Uk349 Excl VAT23 Mar '17
Thuraya XT Lite Satellite
358 Excl VAT23 Mar '17
Thuraya XT Lite Satellite Excl VAT23 Mar '17

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